Welcome to MedCenter Rehab!

Where our quality of care restores your quality of life!

We are so highly committed to helping you accomplish your rehabilitation goals that we don’t have just one facility, we have two!  Our sister companies, each located at the same address, offer a truly unique approach, tailored to address your specific recovery, and meet your rehabilitation needs.

How else are you going to get back to where you want to be?

Returning to your optimum lifestyle can include a vast array of goals. No matter whether you need to return to competitive sports, or are just hoping to be able to take care of yourself again, we are the team for you.  Whatever the goal, we can get you there!

How are you going to do it and where are you going to start?

We suggest MedCenter Rehab!  Our facilities are located at 2040 Babcock Road in the South Texas Medical Center of San Antonio, and have been here for over 23 years! Our original clinic, Medical Center Physical Therapy, Inc. (MCPT) opened in 1990, and has been dedicated to serving patients and the medical community ever since.  MedCenter Work Recovery, LLC (MCWR) opened in 2008 to address a more specialized population of patients.  Our over 50 years of rehab experience is coupled with the best scientific research to provide you with the best rehabilitation experience and outcome as possible.

When can we start?  It is all up to you!

Every patient receives a thorough evaluation prior to starting their path to full recovery.  Appointments can conveniently be made at a time to match you schedule.  Even though we do not require a physician’s prescription to provide our services in all instances, most all insurance carriers require you to have medical orders.  Not to worry – we can assist you in obtaining all the necessary paper work!

All you need to do is:    1) Call us!      2) Help us help you!

MedCenter Rehab
10130 Huebner Road
San Antonio, TX  78240

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MedCenter Work Recovery            210-692-7001      Fax 210-692-7002