About Us

MEDCENTER REHAB is made up of two sister companies: Medical Center Physical Therapy, Inc. and MedCenter Work Recovery, LLC.


Medical Center Physical Therapy, Inc. is an independent outpatient clinic established in 1990. We specialize in general orthopedics, spine rehabilitation, sports medicine, and industrial/occupational rehabilitation. We provide a wide range of rehabilitation/restorative programs including multi and inter-disciplinary services. All programs and services are under the direct supervision of Founder and Clinic Director Richard (Ric) A. Evans, D.P.T, and Physical Therapy Director Christopher Patacsil, D.P.T. All services are designed to meet each patient’s unique needs and individualized goals. Our healthcare and professional staff go the extra mile for our patients by consistently delivering high quality services. We pride ourselves in quality personalized care in order to maximize every patient’s rehabilitation potential.


MedCenter Work Recovery, LLC. is an independent outpatient clinic established in 2011. The goal and purpose of MedCenter Work Recovery is to facilitate the appropriate medical management, address the numerous challenges associated with Worker’s Comp, and provide successful outcomes for the injured worker. When we address and meet these challenges, all goals are met for the injured worker to attain re-integration into an optimal lifestyle. Chronic Pain is a condition where pain and suffering become the central focus for the patient/worker. When medical treatment options have not been successful, most patients/workers become depressed, anxious, fearful, and distressed. If not successfully identified and treated appropriately, this process can then become a complex disorder known as Chronic Pain. Our program will specifically address each patient/worker’s needs allowing them to achieve a full recovery.

MedCenter Work Recovery provides multi and inter-disciplinary approaches of treatment for patients and injured workers who have become lost in the standard progression toward full recovery and re-employment following an injury.

Our integrated approach incorporates the best proven medical, rehabilitation, vocational, and behavioral components tailored into a comprehensive program to meet the special individual needs of this challenging patient population.

Addressing each individual’s physical, mental, vocational, and bio-behavioral barriers provides the required solution to facilitate each patient’s full recovery toward returning to work and reclaiming their life – personally, professionally, and socially.

Our clinical services include:

  • Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Program
  • Behavioral Evaluation & Testing
  • Vocational Assessment and Counseling
  • Work Hardening / Work Conditioning
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Disability and Physical Performance Testing