In addition to our wide spectrum of rehabilitation services, MedCenter Rehab offers solutions directly to employers.   MedCenter Rehab has been offering such employer consulting services to business and industry via injury prevention programs and testing services for over 20 years.  Our philosophy has always been to recommend to employers the most cost effective means to manage the high cost of work injuries.  Research shows that investng in prevention is the most cost effective way to spend the injury management dollar.  By using ergonomic job-site evaluations coupled with a pre-employment testing program, employers can save significant time and money associated with work injuries.  MedCenter Rehab provides the following services to our business client base:

  • Ergonomic Job-Site Evaluations
  • Injury Prevention / Injury Management Programs
  • Pre and Post-Offer Employment Testing
  • Return-to-Work and Fit-for-Duty Testing
  • Post-injury rehabilitation and care
  • Background Check\
  • Urine Drug Screen / Multiple Panel Testing
  • Alcohol Testing

The best, single, approach to assist employers limit injury costs is pre-employment / post-offer testing.  This essential step in the hiring process facilitates the hiring decision to assure the employee is appropriately paired to the demands of the job.  It is imperative to determine if an employment candidate is physically suited to perform their job.  Published research and our more than 30 years experience of injury managemnt, shows that employment candidates able to physically demonstrate the capacity to perfom the required work in a safe manner are significantly more effective in performing their job duties, and far less likely to sustain a job injury.  Pre-placement / Post-offer testing is the only proven way to accomplish this.  Such programs objectify the to-work and return-to-work employer decisions.  It is during this matriculation process that is the one key opportunity employers have to insure safe, appropriate placement of their employees.  At MedCenter Rehab, our focus is to assure employers safe placement of the employee PRIOR to the performance of work activities; thus virtually eliminating unnecessary injuries.  We uniquely provide Pre-Employment / Post-Offer testing via an array of testing methods and through a variety of provider networks, whichever is best suited for the individual employer.  These options include:

  • WorkSTEPS®
  • Work Savers
  • Ergoscience
  • IPCS

Our business policy has always been to remove any barrier that would limit or prevent our services of being provided to any patient or offered to any employer classification.  As such, we are in virtually all networks, provider groups, and insurance carrier classifications that we can possibly be in.  These include the following payor types:

  • Private Insurance Carriers / HMO & PPO’s
  • Worker Compensation Networks
  • Department of Labor and Federal Workers
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Tricare
  • Third Party Liability*
  • Personal Injury*

*Certain rules may apply