Employment Testing

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Ergonomics/job site Evaluations
Injury prevention Programs
Pre and Post-Offer Employment Testing
Return to Work and Fit for Duty Testing
Post-injury rehabilitation and care

The best, single, proactive approach to assist employers with job placement is employment testing. This step assists in the managerial decision making process of pairing up the employee to the demands of the job. It is important to determine if an individual has the physical capabilities to do a particular job in order to avoid injury. Pre-employment placement and return to work decisions are key opportunities for management to insure efficient placement of an employee. At our facilities we focus on assisting employers in determining realistic expectations. We uniquely provided Pre Employment/Post-offer testing with a variety of methods and through provider networks that include:

  • WorkSTEPS®
  • Work Savers
  • Ergoscience
  • IPCS

Additional Occupational Services

  • Background Check
  • Drug Testing
  • Ergonomic job site analysis