“I cannot thank everyone enough for all the therapists assistance and encouragement. Tapes, group and one-on-one was extremely enlightening for nutrient fitness and educational. Super staff that cares about you!  Educational film/tapes and physical therapy demands.”- C.A Chronic Pain Graduate


“Exercise, discussion, group session. Thanks to everyone. You made me feel special. I am excited to go back to work and enjoy my pain free life.”- D.F Work Hardening Program Graduate


“Munchas gracias por tener paciencia a mi persona y todo el personel que me ayudo a controlar mi dolor cronico estoy muy  agradecida con todos uds enpersonal munchas gracias.”- J.R Chronic Pain Program Graduate


“People are very understanding, enjoyable.”- R.M Working Conditioning Program Graduate


“Great staff, making sure you understand. This is a very professional establishment. All levels were awesome.”- D.M Work Hardening Program Graduate


“Everyone is here to help in all aspects of treatment.”- D.T Chronic Pain Program Graduate


“Me ciento muy feliz de aber participado en este programa y les doy gracias a todos los trabajadores de est clinica.”- F.S Work Hardening Program Graduate


“What a knowledgeable and professional team. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity that was given drastically improve my physical strength of knee.”- C.J Work Hardening Program Graduate