Workers Comp

MedCenter Rehab accepts patients under workers compensation. We offer the following services:


  • Comprehensive Musculoskeletal/Functional Evaluations
  • Isokinetic Testing – Lido™ Multi-joint analysis
  • Neurological and Manual Muscle Testing
  • FCE’s – Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • PPE’s – Physical Performance Evaluation
  • FAA’s – Functional Activities Assessment
  • Pre-surgical psychological Evaluation
  • Behavioral Evaluation & Testing
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Behavioral Pain Evaluation
  • Multi-disciplinary Evaluation

Specialized Rehabilitation Programs

  • General Orthopedic – congenital, operative, traumatic, degenerative
  • Hand Therapy – Surgical, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, DeQuervain’s, cumulative trauma disorders, ganglion cyst
  • Program development and instruction, supervised exercise on premises
  • Industrial Rehabilitation – work hardening, work conditioning, work simulation, Drug Screens, Pre/Post-employment physicals
  • Job Site/Ergo Analysis – University Michigan/NIOSH and ergonomic evaluations
  • Joint Problems – arthritis, pre/post-operative conditions, dislocations, replacements, degenerative conditions exacerbated by work related injury, reconstructions
  • Manual Therapy – massage, muscle energy, mobilization, PNF techniques, myofascial
  • Neurologic – sciatica, radiculopathy, nerve injuries, nerve entrapment, Parkinson’s, post-op conditions, RSD/CRPS, TOS
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – tendonitis, bursitis, sprains, strains, contusions, enthesopathies
  • Spinal Rehabilitation – neck, back, pre/post-operative
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders- both pre and post-operative management

Specialized Behavioral Services

  • Psycho-educational group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Vocational Assessment and Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Return to Work Programs
(patient/employee has a job to return to)

Work Conditioning Program

Work conditioning is an intensive, work related, goal oriented conditioning program designed specifically to restore systemic neuromusculoskeletal functions (e.g., joint integrity and mobility, muscle performance (including strength, power, and endurance), motor function (motor control and motor learning), range of motion, (including muscle length), and cardiovascular/pulmonary functions (e.g. aerobic capacity/endurance, circulation, and ventilation and respiration/gas exchange). The objective of the work conditioning program is to restore physical capacity and function to enable the patient/client to return to work.

Interdisciplinary Work Hardening Program

Work Hardening is a highly structured, goal oriented, individualized treatment program designed to maximize the individual’s ability to return to work. Work Hardening programs, which are interdisciplinary in nature, use real or simulated work activities in conjunction with conditioning tasks that are graded to progressively improve the biomechanical, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/metabolic, and psychosocial functions of the individual. Work hardening provides a transition between acute care and return to work while addressing the issues of productivity, safety, physical tolerances, and work behaviors.

Tertiary Care Programs
(for cases where all medical care has been exhausted)

Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Program

Chronic Pain is a psychobehavioral-social disorder where pain and suffering become the central focus for the patient/worker. It can define their complete existence. Chronic Pain can manifest alongside marginal pathological findings and may be devoid of objectifiable measurement. As a result of an inadequate clinical response to standard/routine medical treatment to address the pain cycle, the patient-worker can become depressed, anxious, fearful, and mentally distressed. This creates a real, definable medical condition where they are unable to function effectively within a normal work setting. For the injured worker the inability to fully attend to essential personal needs creates tangible barriers that prevent productive lifestyle reintegration. If not successfully identified and treated, Chronic Pain becomes a complex and multifactorial disorder. As with any disorder of this magnitude, a specific treatment methodology that will address the unique needs of the languishing patient/worker is needed.

Workers Compensation Network Information

Our goal is to participate in all available networks in order to help provide services without any restrictions. If a specific network to accommodate a patient is not found in this list, please call our office to check, since we are constantly working towards our goal of participating in ALL available networks. The list may just need to be updated with a recent approval.

The following is a list of the Bexar County Certified Worker’s Compensation Networks we are providers for:

  • Aetna Worker’s Comp Access (AWCA)
  • Argus Provider networks
  • Broadspire Workers’ Compensation Health Care Network
  • Bunch Coventry TX HCN dba Bunch & Associates
  • Chartis TX HCN
  • Corvel Healthcare Corporation/Corcare
  • Coventry Health Care Workers Compensation
  • First Health/CSS HCN
  • First Health/Travelers HCN
  • First Health/TX HCN
  • Forte/Compkey Plus
  • GENEX Health Care Network
  • GENEX/Lockheed Martin Aero Employee Select Network (LMAESN)
  • GENEX Workers’ Compensation Health Care Network (WCHCN)
  • IMO Med Select Network/Injury Management Organization, Inc.
  • National ChoiceCare, NCC ChoiceNet
  • Prime Health Services, Inc.
  • Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc./Southwest Medical Provider Network
  • Texas Star Network
  • The Hartford Workers Compensation Health Care Network-FH
  • Zenith Health Care Network
  • Zurich Services Corporation Healthcare Network

The following is a list of networks that offer out of network benefits and with whom we are in the process of becoming providers for:

  • Liberty Health Care Network
  • Majoris Health Systems
  • Rockport Community Network, Inc. DBA Rockport SelectHealth Network
  • The Lone Star Network